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Terms and Conditions

Our site aims to provide you with all the vital information you need about online gambling. Like many other sites, we have a list of terms and conditions – when you visit our site and look round, it’s assumed that you’ve agreed to them. We recommend having a look through our terms and conditions section. If everything looks good, great! Keep enjoying our services. If there’s something you don’t agree with, you’re free to stop using our website.

Key Terms Definition

Throughout our site, you’ll see some key terms being used. These are listed below along with their respective definitions:

  • We – this refers to the owners and operators of Online Casinos Ghana
  • You – when we mention ‘you’, we mean anyone who’s visiting the site and looking round
  • User – this term covers anyone accessing information on casino-online-ghana
  • Website – when we use the terms ‘website’ and ‘site’, we refer to Online Casinos Ghana
  • Content – the term ‘content’ covers all text, images and videos on this website
  • Third Party – a third party is any other site or member not involved with Online Casinos Ghana

Summary of the Website Content

Our mission at Online Casinos Ghana is to provide people in Ghana with relevant, up-to-date information about online gambling. While we focus on casinos, we also offer content related to sports betting. We do not offer any real-money gambling services. However, we’re an affiliate site, not an online casino or sportsbook, so there’s no gambling at all available on our platform. All you’ll find is information that can help you get the most from gambling online. We do, however, provide a list of online casinos and sportsbooks in Ghana that we deem worth your time. In addition, we also make a variety of guides on gambling-related topics, including some on how to play casino games.

Accuracy of Content

We try to make our content as accurate as possible. However, we can’t guarantee that everything you read and see on our website is 100% accurate. This is because the online gambling industry is constantly growing and evolving; keeping up with everything is practically impossible. The content we post is as accurate as can be at the time of writing. 

Personal Information

We want you to rest assured that any sort of personal information we collect from you is fully protected. Moreover, no details we collect from anyone are passed or shared with third parties. We use all the necessary security software to ensure that any information provided to us by users is completely safe.
Please read our full privacy policy.

Customer Responsibility

It’s important to point out that we aim to help you to get the most from your gambling journey, but we are not responsible for future losses. We point you in the direction of the best sites and recommended games and bonuses, but it’s entirely up to you whether you spend actual money gambling. Before you start spending real money, it’s your duty to set yourself a budget, gamble responsibly, and research online casinos further on your own.

Even if you play the best games at the leading casinos, there is a chance you still walk away with a loss. You should keep in mind that a win is never guaranteed. Thus, the information on our site is there to help you enjoy gambling more and provide you with some tips. 


According to gambling laws in Ghana, in order to gamble online, you have to be 18 or more. Even though our site doesn’t offer any real-money gambling services, it’s intended to be used by users aged 18 and above only. Please leave this website if you are under the age of 18. By continuing, you confirm that you’re over the age of 18, and the owners of Online Casinos Ghana, its managers, and employees aren’t liable in any way.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the content provided on Online Casinos Ghana is available for you to use to enhance your gambling experience. However, the content is an exclusive property, and it’s protected by law. You’re not allowed to republish, sell or copy any of the text, images, or videos that are published on our site without permission. Thus, anyone using the content in terms of self-gain purposes is punishable in the court of law

Third-Party Website Links

The content on our website contains links that lead you to other sites with similar, related content. When users click on these links and visit one of these third-party sites, we may receive a commission. We consider that their websites may help you with your research, but we can’t claim responsibility for the content you’ll find on these platforms. Even though we link to a site.

Warning-Viruses and Liability

We strive to keep our site as free from viruses, as possible. However, we can’t guarantee that our website is always going to be free from malware. If a visit to our site results in damages of some kind, we can’t be held responsible. When you visit our platform, we assume that you use your own security software programs to keep yourself protected.

Also, it should be noted that we cannot be held responsible for any faults which can affect the content or for any other inconvenience that you might suffer while browsing the site.
We try to ensure that the information contained on the site is accurate and constantly updated. However, while we always strive to ensure accuracy, we do not own any of the sites listed and therefore are not responsible for any errors. Thus, all actions of players are taken at their own risk, and we are not responsible for any actions taken as a result of inaccuracies