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A Guide to Progressive Jackpots

Whether you are new or a veteran in the online casino industry, you probably have come across the term ‘Progressive Jackpots’. This term is very common especially if you are playing online slot games. Unlike the standard slot machine games, progressive jackpot slots reward extremely huge payouts. As a fact, some progressive jackpots have paid out millions of money in the past years. Today, there are tons of software companies that are supplying progressive jackpot games to top Ghanaian online casinos. All these games that are offered are backed by a powerful random number generator (RNG) software to ensure that it delivers fair payouts all the time. Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know before delving into progressive jackpot games. We have covered all areas, including how the progressive jackpots work, odds of winnings, various types of jackpot games, tips to winning, and much more.

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What is a Progressive Jackpot?

In a nutshell, progressive jackpot games have enormous jackpots that accrue over a given period. Normally, progressive jackpot slots are networked across several casinos, whereby every single wager place contributes to the total prize. Since many people opt for jackpot games, the prize to won can increase to hundreds of dollars within a very short time. This is what differentiates between the standard jackpots and the progressive jackpot games. The reason why many Ghanaians love these types of games is that you can win the jackpot prize with only a single spin. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it’s not very easy to win a progressive jackpot. Some may take months before a lucky winner is found.

Progressive Jackpots

How Progressive Jackpots Work

A progressive jackpot works in a quite simple way. Unlike the standard jackpot games that have a fixed amount to be won, the total prize in progressive jackpots increases every time players place wagers. Once the jackpot has been won, it starts accumulating again. 

For example, a progressive jackpot slot game takes 5% of every bet played, and the jackpot is reset at $10,000 after it has been won. In this case, 1% of the accrued amount will contribute to the next reset, and 4% is transferred to the progressive jackpot until it reaches $10,000.

However, it should be understood that casinos don’t benefit from the progressive jackpot amount, it depends on the additional punters who play it continuously.

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Win Mechanics in Progressive Jackpots

Even though playing progressive jackpot games is very easy, it is essential to understand clearly how they work. Below are mentioned some of the various ways that will help you win a progressive jackpot:

Size of the Stake

There are progressive jackpot games that are specially designed to accept maximum stakes only. The good news is that many Ghanaian casinos provide jackpot games with varying bet amounts to accommodate players with all budgets. Also, you will find casinos that divide the jackpots into minor, and major.

Random Payouts in Progressive Jackpots

The wins in every progressive jackpot game are randomly generated. Thus, it is impossible to change the odds of winning to be in your favor.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus Games

There are progressive jackpot slots games that come with a special bonus game that can trigger the jackpot. This may come in the form of a prize wheel or a picking card to determine the winner.

Jackpot Symbol Combination

To win the jackpot prize, you must land certain symbols on the pay line. Pay attention to the symbols that trigger the jackpot. But, remember that the symbols will vary from one jackpot game to another.

Odds of Winning in Progressive Jackpots

The truth is that the odds of winning in progressive jackpot games are lower compared to other types of jackpots. Some of the best progressive jackpot games have odds of 50:1. Additionally, these games come with a predetermined theoretical return to player (RTP), which indicates what the casino gains at the end of the day. Thus, many games will have RTPs ranging between 90% and 95%. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise to learn that progressive jackpot slots have a very high house edge. The house edge is the opposite of the RTP as it shows the advantage of the casino over the player.

For example, A progressive slot machine with an RTP of 95%, means that the house edge is 5%.

Progressive Jackpots Ghana

Types of Progressive Jackpot Games

There are different types of progressive jackpot games that are available in Ghanaian online casinos. Here, we have listed some of the most popular ones, and we will explain to you how they work. These include:

Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot

The stand-alone jackpots are the ones that have been customized for a particular video slot. Compared to other jackpots, the size of stand-alone is smaller because punters always come from the same area. They are very common in land-based online casinos.

Wide Area Progressive Jackpot

As the name suggests, the wide-area jackpot covers an extensive area. This type of jackpot is always offered by the developer. The developer creates the game and distributes it to various casinos. The secret of benefiting from this jackpot game is to place bigger stakes. 

Proprietary Progressive Jackpot

The proprietary jackpot links different online slot machines in a single casino. Though it has minimal chances of winning, the prize is worth the risk. This jackpot has many players participating, thus the prize is higher.

Mastery Progressive Jackpot

The mastery progressive jackpot is rare to find compared to the above-mentioned types. Here, you can win by paying off at random points without necessarily matching the required symbols.

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Tips of Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

While many progressive jackpot games are purely luck-based, you can apply some strategies to boost your winning opportunities. Here are some proven strategies and tips that you can apply:

Play within your Budget

It is essential to place a wager that you can afford to lose. Always choose games that accept small bet amounts to maximize your winning opportunities.

Understand your Game

There are many types of progressive jackpot games. The secret to winning is to learn the game in free mode before you advance to real money gambling.

Target Games with High Hit Frequency

The hit frequency of a game determines how often the slot will payout. The higher the frequency the higher the paying speed of the slot.

Place Maximum Stakes

If the selected game does not have a limit amount to wager, it is recommended to play the maximum stakes. This gives you a chance to land big payouts.

Always Stick to your Budget

Before you start playing, it is essential to determine how much you wish to wager. It is prudent to always stick to your budget until lady luck visits you.

Take Advantage of the Bonus Offers

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses and promotions. The secret is to take advantage of these offers to build your bankroll. Please remember to read through the bonus terms and conditions before you grab the offers.

Go for Stand-Alone Jackpot Games

Take into account that even though the winnings from stand-alone jackpot games are smaller, they have higher odds of winning.

Consider Withdrawal Limits

Casinos have varying limits when it comes to withdrawals. Normally, the withdrawal limit is determined by the used payment method. Ensure to confirm from the cashier the daily, weekly, or monthly limits on cashouts.


Progressive jackpot games can really be a great way of starting your gambling experience. Although the winnings are very rare to occur, they are big and life-changing. Now that we have provided you with all the relevant information about progressive jackpots, it is time to test the skills you’ve learned. To find out the best way to hit the jackpot is by starting playing the games in free mode. 

Of course, finding a reliable and secure Ghanaian casino to play your favorite casino games might be a real challenge. You should consider key factors like the licensing authority, payout options, support, and more. Nonetheless, we encourage you to follow the tips we have provided if you want to maximize your winning opportunities.


In progressive jackpot games, wins are determined by the hit frequency in the RNG software. This information is available in most online slot games.

At the moment, the highest progressive jackpot in slots is Mega Moolah by Microgaming software providers.

The only secret to winning a progressive jackpot is by playing as many times as possible.

Sure, there are numerous Ghanaian online casinos that allow you to play jackpot games for fun before you place real money wagers.

Yes, jackpot games are fully optimized to be played on mobile devices either instantly or through Android and iOS apps.

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