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Ultimate Guide to Sports Betting

Sports betting has been practiced for many centuries around the world. Apart from casino games, many people enjoy betting on sports because it is fun and you get to win a prize. Whether you want to bet on football, basketball, volleyball, or cricket, you’ll find them on top Ghanaian sports betting sites. The sportsbooks you’ll come across are fully licensed and regulated by recognized companies and employ the latest security systems to secure your data. What attracts many people to online sports betting is the lucrative bonuses, numerous payment options, excellent customer support, and a wide betting market.

Discover more about online sports betting in Ghana, including types of popular sports, types of odds, mobile betting, and much more.

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What is Sports Betting

As earlier mentioned, sports betting has been around as long as there have been sports. The first recorded sports betting activities date back over 2000 years ago. The love and passion for sports by the Greeks led them to introduce the Olympics where people used to bet among themselves. From Greece, sports betting was spread to the Romans where it was well accepted and legalized by the authority. Some religious leaders formed laws that forbidden sports betting but the activity continued practiced underground. Later on, gambling activities such as horse race betting became popular in England. It was from this point that sports betting was taken to the US before spreading all over the world. Today, sports betting is one of the best pastime activities for people of all ages. 

Sports Betting Guide

Types of Sports Betting

There are many types of online sports betting available for Ghanaian punters. The following are the most common:

Fixed Odds Sports Betting

This is a straightforward form of betting where you wager on the probability of what will happen in a sports event.

Pari Mutuel Betting

In this case, every player’s wager on a particular betting market goes into a pool and then pays out once the bets have settled. 

E-Sport Betting

This is a digital way of betting that does not involve traditional sports. You bet on different video games like Call of Duty, Dota2, and Starcraft.

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Live Betting

Live betting or in-play betting is one of the latest forms of placing wagers on sports. It was in 2002 when people started practicing live betting. One thing that has contributed to its popularity is the fact that you bet in real time. Moreover, live betting provides punters with some of the best odds in the market. Live betting works in a very simple and straightforward way. One thing you should know is that wagers are accepted only when the game has started. 

Exchange Betting

Exchange betting is a new way of placing bets in the online sports betting world. Unlike the traditional way of betting this style allows you to bet against fellow players. Every player in the betting exchange decides whether to lay or make bets. Thus, exchange betting is an online tool that enables bettors to wager directly against each other. The good thing with betting exchange is that you can shop around instantly via any amount of other bettors before you choose a value for your bet.

Types of Odds

The odds in sports betting are a reflection of the probability of the outcome of a particular event. Betting platforms establish odds to enable punters to know the possibility of an event occurring. However, the odds formats may be different based on your region and bookmaker. Here are the most popular types of odds in sports betting:

American Odds

As the name suggests, American odds are very common in the United States. Usually, the odds have a negative (-) sign for the favorites and a positive (+) sign for the underdogs. Example of American odds: Man City -2.5 vs. Arsenal +3.5.

Decimal Odds

Also known as European odds, decimal odds are very common today. They are easier to understand and use. You can quickly tell the favorite and underdogs by looking at the provided numbers. Example of a decimal odds: Chelsea 1.33 vs. Liverpool 3.55.

Fractional Odds

Fractional or traditional odds are popular in British sportsbooks. The odds are written using a slash (/) or a hyphen (-).  Example of a fractional odds: Arsenal vs. Liverpool – odds 6/1.

Other popular types of odds that can be found on Ghanaian bookmakers are Indonesian odds, Malay odds, and Hong Kong odds. However, they have formats and work in more or less the same way as the major odds we have described above.

Odds Format and How to Calculate It

As you’ve seen, there are different types of sports betting odds that have varying formats and calculation methods. Here, we have listed the major odds and how to calculate them.

American Odds

The American odds have a very simple format. They are represented with positive and negative signs.

Chelsea -120

Arsenal  +111

In this case, to win $100 on Chelsea, you must wager $120. The formula for calculating the American odds are as follows: If you wager $20 on Chelsea, the equation will look like this: 120/100 = 20/x

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds are displayed as follows:

Tusker FC 2.3

Kanduyi FC 1.32

To determine your payout in decimal odds, multiply your bet by the odds associated with the team you are betting on. Winnings = (Wager x Decimal Odds) – Wager

Fractional Odds

The fractional odds are represented as follows:

Sofapaka ½

Ulinzi ⅖

To calculate the winnings in fractional odds, multiply your bet by the top number (numerator) and then divide the results by the bottom number (denominator).

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Getting Started With Online Betting

If you are planning to venture into online sports betting, there are certain things that you must understand before you get started. Some of the key things to keep in mind include:

How to Place Sports Bets – One of the important things is placing a bet at the selected sportsbook. Here, you select your bet and then decide how much you wish to stake.

Value Bet – Though betting is an easy process, it is essential to know how to find value. You get the value by finding your hit rate.

Hedging a Bet – This refers to placing a wager against the previously made wagers in order to guarantee profits.

Arbitrage Betting – This is a case where the odds on a single betting market make it possible to place one bet that guarantees a profit.

What is Staking – It is the process of placing bets at any selected online sports betting site.

Why is it important to bet at the best odds? – There are many benefits that come alongside placing successful bets, including the entertainment value and the chance of winning real money.

Which Sports to Bet On

There are numerous types of sports that are available at leading Ghanaian betting sites. These sports have varying betting markets and are played during different seasons. The following are some of the most popular sports you can wager on:


Rugby is one of Ghanaians favorite sports and they have been playing it for many years. The Ghana Rugby Association (GRA) is the body in charge of the sport in the country. There are numerous clubs that have come up in the country to nurture rugby among people of different ages. Also, very many players are gaining interest in the game and have registered in various clubs.


Cycling is not only a fun activity, but a fantastic sport as well. This sport has started to gain popularity in Ghana and other African countries. It is famous for its breathtaking and exciting cycling tracks. Some of the best cycling routes and places in Ghana include Aburi, Adomi Bridge, Accra-Tema beach road, and others.


Volleyball is an indoor sport that is loved and played by people of all genders and ages in Ghana. The Ghana Volleyball Association is committed to organizing events and ensuring that the teams are well equipped. 


Another sport with a great representation in Ghana is basketball. The Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) was established in 1960 and is in charge of all activities related to the sport. The country has performed well in basketball tournaments and leagues in the previous years which has helped it to win many players.


Football is one of the most popular and loved sports in Ghana and across the world. The sport was introduced during the colonization period and was still widely practiced in the country. The simplicity of the game is one of the reasons it has become very common in society. Moreover, football is played at different levels in the country, starting from schools, colleges, to national leagues. The national football team of Ghana is very popular. its name is the Black Star and has some of the best players in the world such as Asamoah Gyan, Thomas Partey, and Andre Ayew.

Sport Betting Football

Sports Betting Bonuses

Ghanaian punters can claim different types of bonuses when they bet at top sports betting sites. The most popular types of bonuses include:

Free Bet: the bookmaker gives you a chance to place a free bet on a certain amount of money which is subject to terms and conditions.

Cash Sign Up: this bonus comes in the form of a percentage on the first deposit.

Money Back: with this bonus, the bookie will return a certain amount when your bet losses.

Match Play: this bonus is awarded based on how the match has been played.

Reload Bonus: the bookie awards you a certain percentage when you top up your account.

Loyalty Bonus: the sportsbook rewards you a certain amount for being loyal to the site.

High Roller Bonus: the bookie awards you when you exceed the standard betting limit.

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Choosing the Right Betting Site

When it comes to choosing a sports betting site in Ghana, you must keep in mind the following factors:

Usability: the website should be simple and easy to navigate around.

Security and License: the latest SSL technology must protect the site and it also should be licensed by a recognized authority.

Bonuses and Promotions: the bookie should offer different types of bonuses and promotions with friendly terms and conditions.

Payment Methods: there should be a variety of payment options including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency.

Range of Bets: the bookie should offer numerous betting options like point spread, totals, money line, and others.

Customer Support: the customer support service should be provided 24/7 through options like email, live chat, and tablet.

Mobile Betting

Betting on the go is the new norm. The portability of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make it possible for you to bet from wherever you want at whatever time you like. Depending on the bookie, you may have to download an app before you start betting. However, many sites are compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers.

Can Sports Betting Be Profitable?

Online sports betting can be profitable if you pay attention to the following simple tips and strategies:

First of all, master the concept of value in betting and don’t be very sure of big wins, because you could lose a lot of money. Moreover, bet with long-term goals and stick to your betting strategies. Also, it’s important to learn to compare odds and lines and get to know the bankroll management tips. We recommend you to keep a record of your betting history.

Win Sports Bets

Pros and Cons of Sports Betting

These are several advantages and disadvantages that you should take into account before you start betting.


  • Chance to win real money;
  • Bookies award big bonuses and promotions;
  • A wide range of betting markets;
  • Real time betting on various sports;
  • Multiple payment options.


  • Gambling can be addictive;
  • You can lose a lot of money;
  • One does not always win.


Sports betting sites and online casinos are becoming more and more popular everyday. In order to become a successful gambler, you must always keep in mind the things we have highlighted you. Now that you understand what sports betting is and how to go about it, you are ready to start placing wagers but please note that although sports betting is fun and entertaining, it can also be dangerous. Therefore, remember to gamble responsibly.


There are different types of bonuses you can claim, including welcome bonus, reload bonus, sign up bonus, high roller bonus, and others.

Yes, you can bet using your mobile device as long as it is compatible with the betting site.

The best strategy is betting on learning how to manage your money.

Yes, betting online is safe because bookies are licensed and protected using the latest security systems.

No, understanding the odds in sports betting is not hard. It requires you to learn and master the rules and other terms.

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