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Privacy Policy

On this page of Online Casinos Ghana, you’ll find a summary of our approach to users’ privacy. Our site offers a wealth of information about online gambling in Ghana. Our aim is to help you find the best casinos and have the best gambling experience possible. When using our site, we do collect some data from you, but we strive to keep your information as secure as possible. Details about how we collect and use your personal information are available here, in our privacy policy. If you’re curious or even concerned about how we protect sensitive information, keep on reading.

Collection of Personal Information

Most websites collect some data from you whenever you visit them. But, keep in mind that the collection process itself is completely safe. The type of data we acquire can be sorted into two groups: personal and non-personal. 

  • Personal data is any sort of information you supply. It’s details about yourself, such as your name, address, and contact details. 
  • As for non-personal data, this refers to things to do with how you interact with our site. It includes what language, what your IP address is, and how long you spend on our site, among other things. 

Collecting information is something that most sites do to some degree, and it should in no way affect your experience on our site. Moreover, you shouldn’t be concerned, as we are committed to ensuring that your personal information is safe with us. We don’t share our users’ data with third parties.

Protecting Your Data

You can rest assured that any data we collect, whether it’s personal or non-personal, is fully protected at all times. We use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology to keep things safe and prevent any unauthorized parties from accessing your data. SSL encryption technology is the best security system that most sites use for data protection. Thus, we guarantee full protection of the information that we collect.

Using Your Information

The main reason we collect data from our customers is so that we can improve our site and the services we provide. By gathering data, we can see where our site is doing well and what aspects of it could get better. We want people who visit our site to engage with it, have the best experience, and ultimately benefit from it. Analyzing information obtained from users helps us gain a better understanding of what people desire. 

Privacy Policy on Cookies

Loads of websites use cookies to enhance a user or customer’s experience. Whenever you visit a site for the first time, you can agree to have a cookie added to your computer. It tracks your activity while on that specific site. As you interact with a site, the cookie on your computer can make the content you see on that site better tailored for you. 

We give you the option of accepting or rejecting cookies when you visit our site. You’re free to change your settings whenever you wish. If you decide not to accept any cookies at all, you can still get a worthwhile experience from using our site and exploring what it has to offer. 

Updates and Changes

We have the right to update our privacy policy whenever we think it’s necessary. Permission from or advanced notice to our users isn’t required. You’re advised to read through the privacy policy, as well as the general terms and conditions, before using our site. 

If there’s anything in a new update that you don’t understand, or disagree with, feel free to contact us.

Duration of Data Keeping

Although we do not share your data with third parties, we keep it in accordance with policies. When we’re done with your information, we make sure we dispose of it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Once we’ve finished with it, we won’t be able to access it again. The length of time that we keep your data depends on the type of information and whether there’s any risk involved. 

General Access Policy

When you access our site casino-online-ghana, you confirm that you’ve read through and accepted the privacy policy. You accept that you are legal age for gambling,  the data can be collected, and that it can be used by us. You also allow us to do our best to ensure that the information we gather from our users is protected as well as possible from things like fraud or hacking.