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Best Sic Bo Guide for Ghanaian Gamers

Sic bo is a widely played casino game that is believed to have been invented by the ancient Chinese people. The game became even more popular after it entered the iGaming industry. Today, you can play sic bo from anywhere in the world, either on the go or from the coziness of your home. Many Ghanaian online casinos offer different types and payouts in sic bo. This guide covers everything you should know before you start playing real money sic bo games. We’ll take you through a brief history of sic bo, the rules of playing, tips and strategies to winning, and much more.

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Brief History of Sic Bo

As earlier mentioned, sic bo is a game that originated in China many decades ago. According to ancient history, the game was first played by combat soldiers during their free time. Since there were no dice to use, the game was played using different engraved objects, including shells, rocks, and bones. Though the game was primarily played for entertainment purposes, people began to play it for profit. Over time, this game has been known by different names, like Dai Su, Hi-Lo, and Tai Sai. The game later found its way to other countries as a result of the cross-border trade between China and Asian states. Currently, it is considered the fastest-growing game and is available in top Ghanaian online casinos.

Sic Bo

Rules of Playing Sic Bo

One of the reasons why sic bo has won huge masses is because of the simple rules of playing. Though the game may seem complicated at first, things get very easy when you get used to it. As you may be aware, sic bo is a game of chance, meaning it has few rules to adhere to. This casino game is played using three dice which are labeled 1 to 6. Before the dice are rolled, you must place a bet on a number or combination that you think will appear after the dice are rolled. 

How to Play Sic Bo

Regardless of, you are new or an experienced punter, you will find sic bo quite a simple game to play. This game is played with three dice and comes with different types of bets to play. Here are the steps to follow when playing online:

  1. Open your preferred sic bo game;
  2. Place either single or multiple bets on the gaming board;
  3. Click on the ‘Play’ button and wait for the dice to be rolled;
  4. Your money will be credited automatically if you win.

These are the simple rules you must follow when playing a standard sic bo game. There are no complicated strategies to follow while playing.

Bet Types and Payouts

There are different types of sic bo bets which offer varying payouts. Here, we have listed the most popular bets, how they work, and the payouts to expect. They include:

One Number Bet

The one number or single number bet wins if the number you selected appears on any of the three dice. You can wager on any number between 1 and 6. The payout for this bet is as follows: 1:1 if one number appears; 2:2 if two selected numbers appear; and 3:3 if the three selected number appears.

Small and Big Bets

With the small bets, you win if the sum of the dice falls between 4 and 10. It has 48.6% chances of winning and a payout of 1:1. As for the big bet, you win if the sum of all the three dice falls between 11 and 17. It has 48.6% chances of winning, with a payout of 1:1.

Odd/Even Bets

For the bet to win, the sum of the dice must be either an odd number or an even number. This bet has a 48.6% probability of winning and a payout of 1:1.

Specific Triples Bet

This bet wins if a specific triple number appears on the three dice. You have a 0.46% chance of winning in this bet and a decent payout of between 150:1 and 215:1.

Specific Double Bet

This bet wins if a specific number appears on at least two of the three rolled dice. You have 7.41% chances of winning in this bet and payout range between 8:1 and 11:1.

Any Triple Bet

The triple bet wins if the three rolled dice land on the same number. You have a 2.8% chance of winning, and a payout of 30:1.

Dice Combination Bet

In this bet, you win if two of the three dice display a combination of numbers, like a 3 and a 4. Here, you have a 13.9% chance of winning and a payout of 6:1.

Total Bet

The total bet wins if the sum of all the three dice is equivalent to the numbers you selected. The total bet has 14 possible wagers that range between 4 and 17. 

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Sic Bo Tips and Strategies to Winning

Here are some of the tips and strategies you can apply to increase your odds of winning in sic bo:

  • Master the Game Rules: take time to learn about the game rules before you start playing any sic bo game.
  • Wager on Small or Big Bets: this simple bet lets you bet on numbers falling between 4 and 10 and 11 to 17.
  • Avoid Triple Bet: the chances of winning in this bet are very low even if it has a payout of 180:1.
  • Apply Combination Bets: place combination bets because they come with a low house edge of 2.77%.
  • Go After Bonuses: take advantage of the casino bonuses and promotions to boost your bankroll.
  • Play in Free Mode: start playing in free mode and learn how it works before you start playing for real money
  • Try Out Different Versions: there are many versions of this game that are supplied by different software providers. Find out the one that suits your needs and budgets.


Below are some of the common terms you should familiarize yourself with before you start playing online sic bo:

  • Cage: a small cup-like device used to share the dice.
  • Layout: markings that show where to place bets on a sic bo table.
  • Hi-Lo: A variant widely played in the Philippines.
  • Paytable: A special chart indicating the payouts of each sic bo bet.
  • Lucky Dice: This is another name used to refer to sic bo.
  • Clear: When all wagers are removed from the playing field.
  • Re-bet: To play the same bet twice.
  • Chuck-a-luck: An American version of this game.
  • Chips: Round tokens with different values used to play sic bo.
  • Birdcage: A version of sic bo which is played with different bets and the dice are rolled is a cage-like device.
Sic Bo Strategy

Playing Sic Bo Online

As aforementioned, tons of Ghanaian online casinos offer sic bo games. The only challenge that many players have is finding a safe and reputable site. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind:

Licensing and Regulation – Ensure that the selected casino is licensed and regulated by a recognized authority. This guarantees that all products are standardized.

Bonuses and Promotions – The casino should offer substantial bonuses and promotions to all players. The bonuses should have friendly terms and conditions.

Mobile Compatibility – A good online casino should be accessible on all devices, including Android and iOS-powered smartphones and tablets.

Live Dealer Option – The casino site should have a live dealer section where you get to play against real human dealers.

Customer Support – Customer support service should be provided by professionals around the clock via options like email, live chat, and telephone. Also, there should be an FAQ section where players can get quick answers.


Apparently, sic bo may look intimidating, but it is a very simple and straightforward game among casino games. It comes with a wide range of bets to choose from and attractive payouts. The objective is to choose a number that will appear on the three dice after they have been rolled. Since it’s a pure game of chance, there is no specific strategy you can apply to alter the payouts. But you can improve the odds to win using the different tips we’ve listed above. Nonetheless, sic bo is an incredible game that suits both low and high roller players.


It is a small device used to roll dice in land-based casinos.

Big or small is the best betting option for beginners in Sic Bo.

Triple bet is the highest betting option you can find in sic bo.

Sure, you can play sic bo in free mode at any Ghanaian casino site.

Yes, you can sic bo on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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