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Blackjack Guide

Through centuries, blackjack has been one of the most played card games globally. With strong links to the French, the game is not only loved because of its entertaining nature and exciting social aspects, but also because it’s one of the few casino games that skill and strategy can help you lower the house edge. 

In Ghana, more and more players are looking to play this game. If you are new to this game, then this is a perfect starting place. We’ve included all the information that you need to start playing the game as a pro within no time. 

The Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack in Ghana 2024:

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History of Blackjack

There’s no clear history of the origin of blackjack though most people believe it was founded during Ancient Rome. It’s a speculation based on the fact that the Romans were ardent gamblers. There are also those who believe that the game was invented in France and this theory seems to hold water as a precursor of the modern-day blackjack game that was played in France. 

A popular French game referred to as ‘Vingt-et-Un’ – which loosely translates to Twenty-One – was widely played in France. The game was played using playing cards and had almost similar game rules. The popularity of ‘Vingt-et-Un’ spread from France to the Americas when French immigrants started arriving into the young country. 


A Change Of Name

‘Vingt-et-Un’ retained it’s name and popularity in the United States but saw its name change in the early 1900s. When gambling was finally legalized in Nevada, ‘Vingt-et-Un’ – ‘21’ – became a very popular game. In fact, it was so popular that some online casinos tempted some of their players with an exciting feature. If you’d get a hand that features a blackjack and Ace of Spades, then they would pay out at odds of 10:1. Despite the feature being discontinued, the name stuck and the popularity of the game continued to soar.  

Modern Day Blackjack 

Fast forward, almost one century later, blackjack can now be played from the comfort of your own house. This is, thanks, to the online version, which was invented when the online casinos went live. The online version features all the game features and uses the same rules as the original version. There are however a few variations that use slightly modified rules, which are mostly because of the different number of decks used. 

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The Game’s Layout 

Blackjack’s layout is relatively simple and straightforward. The game is categorized under the ‘table games’ section simply because it’s played on a semi-circular table. In the live casino setting, the dealer will be sitting behind this table tending to 4-7 players. In the online setting, the game is played on a virtual table where you’ll be placing your bets. 

Regardless of how you choose to play, there’s a field where you’ll get to see the playing cards as well as an area where there are betting chips. Click on the different denominations until you get your desired bet amount during gameplay. 

There’s also the settings button. This gives you access to a wide variety of options including adjusting the clarity of the stream, muting the game’s music or sfx among other aspects. 

Different Types of Blackjack Games 

Online casinos offer different types of blackjack games, which promise to grab your attention. Each of these games offers an interesting feature and will put your skill to a test differently. And while there are hundreds of games online, they are broadly classified as either a live blackjack game or a software-based blackjack game. 

Live Blackjack vs. Software Based Blackjack 

With superb graphics, sleek animations, and realistic gameplay, live casino feature brings the best of land-based casino action to your screens. Through live blackjack, you get to view all the action as it unfolds live from a brick and mortar casino. This means that you get real-time results and experience the human touch to the game. For those of you who don’t trust the software-generated results, this is the right game for you.

On the other hand, there are the software based blackjack games. Unlike the live dealer games, these ones operate using a random number generator software. It is responsible for determining the game’s outcome, randomly and ensures that the game’s results remain fair at all times. Since these games are in software format, there are many variations as compared to the live blackjack games. Also, their bet limits tend to be friendlier than their counterpart as they require less operational costs. 

live vs software based blackjack

Popular Online Casino Blackjack Games Include:

If you are looking for a game to play, you’ll be pleased to know that there are hundreds to pick from. But you may get worn down trying all these games and perhaps fail to pick out a game that fits your needs. To help you out in this, we’ve identified the following games for you:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack: It’s a game that uses 8 decks of cards during gameplay. It’s popular because it allows for late surrender and insurance options
  • Spanish 21: Also known as Spanish Blackjack, this variation of blackjack uses6-8 decks of cards during gameplay. However, it doesn’t have the ten value cards in the 52 deck, which leaves only 48 cards. The result is a slightly high house edge
  • Blackjack Switch: As the name suggests, the game lets you switch cards during gameplay. And unlike other variations that pay out 3:2 for a blackjack, this one pays out at odds of 1:1
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How Do You Play Blackjack Online?

Before you play blackjack online, you need to understand that it’s a game of decisions. One that requires you to form the best hand possible to beat the dealer’s without going over the value of 21. However, if you have the same hand value as the dealer, the result is a tie/draw. If the dealer goes above the 21 mark, you win as long as your hand value is below the 21 mark. And while the dealer is bound by a strict set of rules, you have plenty of freedom on how to play your hands. You can opt to: 

  • Hit – Ask for an extra card
  • Stand – Opt not to take an extra card  
  • Double down – Double your initial bet and stand 
  • Split – Split a hand with similar cards into two separate hands
  • Surrender – And in some online casinos, surrender where you forfeit half your bet 

These actions can only be executed after you’ve placed your bet amount, which can range from a low of $1 up to high maximums of $500 per hand. 

You can Play Blackjack Online For Free

If the information above is a little bit too much for you to comprehend at a go, you can always try the game for free at an online casino. The free to play game comes with all the in-game features offered in the real money mode. Once you are familiar with the game’s rules, gameplay and other important features, you can always shift to real money mode. 

Or choose to stake Real Money To Win Real Cash! 

Highly advisable that you play real money blackjack once you are well versed with the game’s rules, you’ve known how much to spend and feel very comfortable playing blackjack. 

Blackjack House Edge

If you are willing to go an extra mile and put in a little more effort by learning and perfecting a blackjack strategy, then online blackjack offers some of the best odds in the market. We are talking about 0.5% house edge, depending on the game you choose to play. However, these low odds aren’t however guaranteed and in order to get them, you’ll have to get all the basics right from the get go. 

Picking the Right Blackjack Game for Your Needs 

What are some of the aspects or features to consider when picking the right blackjack game? Or do you just leave luck to determine your fate? Of course not! To be a better blackjack player, you need to pick a game that suits your style of play. In order to do this, you’ll have to consider the following factors. 

Understand Your Wants, Needs and Likes

In order to do this, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you prefer playing a relaxing or fast paced game? 
  • Are you looking for a game that’s simple or one with a lot of bells and whistles? 
  • What’s your style of playing; a game that requires a lot of thinking or one that lets you relax and enjoy mindless fun?

Look at Your Bankroll

The bankroll is the amount you spend playing at the tables. Pick a game that offers bet limits that are proportional to your bankroll 

Free To Play Option 

You need to also ensure that the blackjack game is available for play in the free money mode. This will enable you enjoy the game – stress free before opting to spend money on it

blackjack option

Blackjack Tips and Tricks 

So, you’ve always fancied to be a good blackjack player? These tips and tricks will help you become one. Observe them to the letter: 

  • Understand the game’s basics rules before you start playing
  • Read through the game’s rules and instructions. Also, understand the table limits 
  • There are different variations of blackjack games online, know the best game that you can play 
  • Always pick a game with a low house edge and use a good strategy while playing it. 
  • A proper bankroll management plan will boost your winning chances 
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Blackjack Betting Strategies

To maximize both the fun and profit aspects of playing blackjack, you’ll have to learn or familiarize yourself with the game’s intricacies. This includes blackjack betting strategies, which when combined with the outgoing tips, you can lower the house edge. 

Card Counting Strategy 

This is one of the most common blackjack betting strategies. As the name suggests, you have to count the cards in the deck in order to know which card is going to be dealt next. It’s a sophisticated strategy that requires months or years of practice to perfect it. 

Hit/Stand/Split Strategy 

It is one of the basic blackjack strategies that dictate the best time to hit or stand. In order to use this strategy, you need to learn how to interpret the blackjack strategy chart, which you can easily find one online

Know When to Double Down or Stand 

Another important aspect of blackjack betting strategy is knowing when to double down or stand. 

  • Hit when your hand value is 11 or less 
  • Double down when you have a hand value of 10 or 11 and whenever the dealer’s hand is less than the value of your hand 
  • Stand when your hand value is between 17 and 21 

You Can Play Blackjack on Mobile

Because of how mobile devices have been integrated in our day to day activities, online casinos and software developers have worked hand in hand to ensure that we can play blackjack and other casino games on the move. To do this, they’ve developed mobile platforms fully optimized for play on all platforms. This means that whether you are playing on your blackberry, Andoid, iOS or Windows phone, you’ll have the same experience as playing on the PC platform. 

mobile blackjack

Blackjack Bonuses and Promotions

Because of how popular online blackjack is, Ghanaian friendly online casino sites will try roping you in by offering you different types of bonuses. In this section, we are going to give you a list of some of the common types of bonuses that you’ll come across online. 

Welcome Bonus

Awarded when you sign up at an online casino. Claim it after meeting the wagering requirements and use it to play blackjack 

Tournament Bonuses

Some online casinos will have tournament bonuses for those who opt into their blackjack tournaments. This is a rare type of bonus

Reload Bonuses

Every time you recharge your account, for a second, third, or fiftieth time, the casino will run this type of bonus as a form of appreciation 

Cashback Bonuses

It’s another popular type of bonus where you are awarded a certain percentage for the amount of money spent at the casino. It could be as a way of compensating your loses or the total amount wagered playing blackjack 

Blackjack Pros and Cons


  • Low minimum bet limits and high maximum bet limits 
  • Can be played by every sort of player – even newbies 
  • The rules are easy to learn
  • Available across all online casinos 


  • Needs lots of practice to perfect the gameplay 


There are hundreds of online casinos where you can get started with blackjack for free. However, not all accept Ghanaian players, so it’s best to pick one of the recommended sites above. Setting up an account will only take you a few minutes and playing the games can be done for free to help you familiarize yourself with the games. You can play as much blackjack as you wish for free until when you are ready to stake some real cash. Remember, the best way to win real money is to stake real money! 


Yes, it’s possible to make money playing online blackjack. However, the most important thing to remember is that you won’t win every time you play. It’s therefore important that you have a proper bankroll management plan to avoid going bust! 

No, you don’t have to. With software based blackjack games, you can always play blackjack for fun, for free until you are ready to spend real money on the game. 

Of course you can keep your winnings. However, you need to find out whether you are required by law to pay taxes on the winnings before withdrawing the cash.

There’s a golden rule that says the best blackjack strategy is a basic strategy. Knowing the right time to hit, stand, split, or double down is the first important step to playing blackjack online. After that, you can advance to strategies such as card counting. Accordion Sample Description.

At the online casinos, it’s legal to count cards. At some of the land based casinos, it’s illegal to use this strategy. 

It doesn’t matter what strategy you pick, there is usually no guarantee that you are going to win as you play blackjack while using it. What is can do best is lower the house edge.

Yes, the rules followed at the land based casinos are the same ones used while playing live blackjack games. 

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